Help! I'm having trouble drawing with my finger.
We recommend getting a stylus. The Adonit Mini 3 works really well for iPhones and iPads. It's a great choice for Telesketch artists who want to take their drawings to the next level.

Why can't I start a new game?
We want to make sure you have the hang of drawing, guessing and earning coins before you go off and start your own game. You have to join at least 3 other games and redeem your coin bonus for at least one complete game before you can start your own new game. For now, just tap "Quick Play" to get going!

Instead of drawing, can I just write the word(s)?
No! Writing out what you're supposed to draw is no fun for anyone. It's considered cheating and if you get caught you'll lose coins! If you catch someone cheating this way, use the report button an you could earn a coin bonus! You're allowed use speech bubbles and label things but you should never write out any of the words you're supposed to draw.

What if I'm asked to guess an inappropriate drawing? What if the drawing is blank or just scribbles?
First, give the artist the benefit of the doubt. Could it be interpreted as something more appropriate? Could the scribbles represent something? Do your best to guess at it. If you're convinced that it's inappropriate or that the artist didn't make an effort, report the drawing using the button on the lower left.

What do I do when the drawing instructions are nonsense or inappropriate?
You might be asked to draw silly or strange things. You might also be asked to draw abstract things like "love" or "courage." In these cases, get creative and do your best to represent the phrase! If the instructions are sexual, inappropriate, or gibberish, report them using the button at the bottom of the drawing tools menu.

How do I earn coins?
You earn coins when you correctly guess what someone drew or when someone correctly guesses what you drew. When you start a new game, you earn coins whenever a guess matches the starting phrase you created. You also earn coins when a guess is partially correct. Every player earns coins when the last guess matches (or partially matches) the starting phrase.

How do I redeem my coin bonus?
You only get your coins for a game once all 9 turns have been completed. To redeem your coins, open a completed game and scroll all the way to the bottom.

How are rewards calculated?
Every word is has a difficulty score an a maximum possible reward. Higher difficulty words are worth more coins. Correctly guessing a word earns the full reward. Guessing a synonym, misspelling the word, or guessing another form of the word earns partial credit. In the game results, exact word matches are underlined in green. Synonyms and misspellings are worth partial credit and are underlined in blue.

When you start a new game, you earn the full reward when the last guess matches the starting phrase. You also earn coins for every guess that (partially) matches the starting phrase.

I can't see the leaderboard or achievements! It just says "The requested operation has been canceled or disabled by the user."
You can fix this logging out of Game Center and then logging back in. Open the 'Settings' app on your device. Then go to 'Game Center'. Tap your apple id, then tap 'Sign Out.' Sign back in with the same apple id. Then restart Telesketch and try again.

Help! I still have a problem.
Sorry to hear that. Shoot us an and we'll do our best to help you out!